Friday, April 11, 2008

Week's end.

A very successful week here in the Mighty home school. R and I did math together all week and it went swimmingly. 20 minutes per lesson tops, it is a record for sure!

Surprisingly to me, the kids are loving the Latin. Of course, they do love to learn new things and this is still new and fresh. R seems to have a real talent for picking up the pronunciations, he is already correcting the rest of us. I need to work on my Latin this weekend or the boys will be ahead of me by next week.

I am wondering if I should take a break from the French for a couple of months so as to not confuse them as we get used to the Latin. Plus, my computer where the student database is stored has crashed so all our records are gone. This means the kids have to start over at lesson 1! That sucks for all of us. My dad is going to help me recover some of the data on that computer so I am hoping to salvage their records.

I am so pleased with myself this week, I think I succeeded in starting some new, healthy habits for all of us. Now to keep up the commitment on my part and help the boys make lifelong habits of working hard, doing their best and learning to be self-motivated, but accountable.

I am also pleased with the kids, no fighting about school for a whole week. Today at lunch, I told the kids to get their shoes on, I was taking them for a treat and then to a friend's to play. B wasn't done his math yet and I yelled out the back door for him to grab his books to take. He already had them and was waiting outside with them. Woohoo! That is an absolute first. He took responsibility for his own education. That is what I am reaching for!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. We will take it off and for once I feel that it is well deserved.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Enjoy the weekend! And keep up the great work, sounds like you found something that works!