Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Party

We had our Christmas party last week at my good friend Dawn's. She is a gifted hostess, she has chosen to use her home to bless other Mom's who need fellowship with other women (as we all do!). She has sure blessed me with her and her family's friendship, my kids adore her's and we grownups get along pretty well too;)
So there are 4 families that get together every second week at Dawn's house. We bring goodies and chat while our kids play together. There are a lot of boys. I have 3, Dawn has 4, G. has 2 (plus 2 girls who are in school) and T has one 12 year old girl that hangs out with Dawn's 12 year old girl. The girls often entertain A. as well, which is awesome for me. With all the boys there is a lot of sword and gun play and a lot of running around outside. Lots of fun to be had.
Here are some pictures from our Christmas get-together, the kids had a fun gift exchange where they could open a new gift or take someone else's. I hate those games, but the kids enjoyed themselves.
Here are some photos I took, unfortunately no individuals of my big guys, but I think I got everyone else! Here are all the boys during the gift exchange. The frames on the others are by Angela Sharrow. Click on the images for full size views.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Disappointed Mommy wanted cake:(

Oh darn! The Provincial Museum has free admission this weekend and free cake for those with December Birthdays! My Monkey boys birthday is December 31!!! I so wanted to take the kids there today. But we have spots. My girly has what look to me like chicken pox! She was vaccinated, but apparently her spots missed that memo. Oh well, I guess we will just have to pay to go to the museum later. I LOVE the museum! My kids fave parts are the dino and prehistoric exhibits and the Aboriginal peoples exhibit. Maybe next week. If no one else here gets spots!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Tony Hawk Believes

This is a terrific essay by Tony Hawk about doing what you love. I love where he talks about his careers teacher in school giving him heck for working ahead in his workbook. I don't know about you, but I am not interested in raising good little employees. I would like to raise children who love God, are self starter, free thinkers, life long learners and adults who follow the path they feel is right for them. No 'good employee' ever invented something wonderful and useful, or composed amazing music or created inspired artwork.
Not that you shouldn't do your very best at any job or occupation you are in, what I am talking about is being a person who just does what they are told and does not think for themselves, never thinks about finding a better or easier way of doing something, doesn't aspire to anything more in their lives.
Enjoy listening to this short essay with your children.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well we are taking the month of December off of bookwork. I need a break:)
I think we are all relieved that Nanowrimo is over and we are putting away our novels for now. I am so pleased that the boys seem to enjoy writing now, it is an answer to prayer. I look forward to reading their stories after Christmas, their imaginations astound me! Neither boy reached their word count goals, they did not even come close. But they attempted something huge! And I am proud of them for that. I think we will edit their stories and then I will put them into small hardcover books for them. And maybe I can convince them to give them away to relatives as well!
I am looking forward to diving into Canadian history after Christmas, I have to remember to order my books from the library and CHER. I plan on getting a ton of historical fiction as well, we all enjoy that. I may even try to pick up a bunch of the American History Adventures in Odyssey as well. The time periods will line up and it is great to know the American stuff as well. Plus Daddy loves it! I hope to find some big chunks of planning and organizing time this month. Planning for school and organizing the whole house including school stuff we aren't using right now.
Maybe I can get the kids to do some 'science' in the kitchen, I need some Christmas baking done!