Monday, November 14, 2016

November Week 3

Hymn of the Month

Be Still My Soul

Written by Katharina A. von Schlegel, 1752
Music: Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, 1899
Classics for Kids, Jean Sibelius

Bible Readings
2 Samuel 11
2 Samuel 12
Psalm 51
Luke 4: 16 - 31
Mark 6: 1 - 7

Bible Memory Work

Mark 12: 31-31
Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Purpose vol. 4 

Language Arts

The kids and I are writing books this month. We have monthly and daily word goals. 

Learning to Read

All in One Homeschool


Maybe try:

History of Language

The Writer's Workshop - Ted Ed 

Foreign Languages


Social Studies

180 Days Around the World


Gov of Australia

Current Events: 

New Zealand Trek:


Earth Science 

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 App, starting in week 13

YouTube Channels: 
SciShow Kids
Crash Course Kids 
Magic School Bus Earth Science
    Watch episodes on Netflix