Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mom Fail

Yesterday I allowed the misbehavior of one child to colour our entire day and to discourage me and dictate my behavior. It was a total parenting fail. But it ended in the child picking himself up by the bootstraps and with apologies all around. Proving once again that God can redeem ALL things for good and for his glory.

Yesterday, during my devotional time with the littles, I found myself getting frustrated. Why was I frustrated? Because, once again, it was taking so long to 'get through' the reading! Because my beloved little ones kept interupting to make comments on, and ask questions about the things of God! As soon as I took a breath and asked myself why I was frustrated, I realized how silly it was. And how amazing their faith is, and how great their knowledge of the things of God and how deep their questions are.
What a blessing! And it was also a wonderful reminder that teaching and learning about God are not just another thing to be ticked off of my to do list. I am discipling my children, with every word and action, I am showing them God. And usually, I am doing a crappy job of it!
God, please give me patience and an abundance of love for these precious little lives you have entrusted to me!