Monday, March 16, 2009

My own spring break

I think we are taking the week off of bookwork. I am way too tired of fighting with R and I need a break. The kids played outside and are watching movies while I hide in my room with a home-made latte and my computer. The bliss is almost overwhelming!
It has been a rather lovely day, the big kids have played with the little kids and kept them amused, they even played with the baby for an hour. I love that they are all so close and that B spent enough time out of the house this weekend that he is not nearly so testy as he has been of late.
I am giving the kids a completely free day, I even did R's dishes. B did go out and shovel though, poor baby. hee hee.
I am going to get caught up on my marking this week and get re-organized I hope. We are almost done with our curriculum for the year and I can't wait to change some stuff up for next year. I am going to go all computer based for Ry next year with the addition of a bunch of good books to read. All computer taught, all self-marking and give us both a break! I am going to use curriculum with the others too, I need the safety net of knowing it is all being covered for a while. I am so tired of stressing about it and trying to piece things together and going against my own grain. I think sonlight will be the best way to go, one-stop shopping. Best thing is, B can be responsible for all his own stuff, he is way more than capable. We will most likely add in some of our school board's online courses for fun and interaction. Now I just have to pray for the resources to afford curriculum, as I haven't been able to for the last few years.

Hmm.. think it is time to get out of my jammies and go out into the sunshine for a while.