Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well we are taking the month of December off of bookwork. I need a break:)
I think we are all relieved that Nanowrimo is over and we are putting away our novels for now. I am so pleased that the boys seem to enjoy writing now, it is an answer to prayer. I look forward to reading their stories after Christmas, their imaginations astound me! Neither boy reached their word count goals, they did not even come close. But they attempted something huge! And I am proud of them for that. I think we will edit their stories and then I will put them into small hardcover books for them. And maybe I can convince them to give them away to relatives as well!
I am looking forward to diving into Canadian history after Christmas, I have to remember to order my books from the library and CHER. I plan on getting a ton of historical fiction as well, we all enjoy that. I may even try to pick up a bunch of the American History Adventures in Odyssey as well. The time periods will line up and it is great to know the American stuff as well. Plus Daddy loves it! I hope to find some big chunks of planning and organizing time this month. Planning for school and organizing the whole house including school stuff we aren't using right now.
Maybe I can get the kids to do some 'science' in the kitchen, I need some Christmas baking done!

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Sniz said...

Sounds like you have a pretty good plan in place. It's a good idea to take December off. We ended up taking yesterday off. I decided to start a tradition...the first real snow will be a holiday from school. Something for us all to look forward to! I'm so proud of your boys (and you) for writing so much too! That's a great idea to get their story put into little hard-bound books!