Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today was our end of the year facilitator visit. Since we have been with the Wisdom school board, these visits go swimmingly. He is wonderfully encouraging and seems genuinely interested in my children and who they are. And that they are succeeding in their endeavors. We had a terrific chat about Classical education and I feel even more that I am heading in the right direction now. The paperwork seems unimportant compared to my children's character.
I think I will call the board and register B. in one of their Socratic dialogue classes. They are doing one about the Second World War next year that I am sure he will love.
I am still not sure if I will buy a packaged curriculum for next year, like Tapestry of Grace or Sonlight, or if I will just take some reading lists and use the Classical methods to cover our history etc. I love the idea of the curriculum, because it is already laid out for me. But I am worried about feeling bogged down by it and letting curriculum run our schooling rather doing what I think is working or going where I think we are being led naturally.

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Sniz said...

I know how you feel. The lure of the pre-planned curriculum vs. planning and choosing every subject for every child which, let's face it, is more work. I really wanted a preplanned curriculum but cost prohibited it. But God knows everything, so I have to trust that there is a reason for my eclectic schooling.
TTYS - Sniz