Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recipe for Success

    Recipe for Success Wednesday, April 2
    It is also National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! So share a recipe…figuratively, as in two parts love, one part creativity, or literally, as in a super quick, nutritious meal your kids scarf up. Think about what you do in the day, what helps keep it organized and you sane (or how you got past that need for organization and saneness!), and curriculum materials you find effective.

I don't think I really have found my recipe for success yet, as I shared in yesterday's post. So today I will share a recipe or 2. One thing that really works for me, when I actually get around to it, is meal planning. I have some wonderful cookbooks with meal plans and shopping lists already set out week by week. LOVE! The series is called Cooking for the Rushed and the recipes are easy, coded by speed of prep and cooking, and delicious. Even my pickiest eater has eaten everything I have made from them.

One of my favourite, stand-by recipes, not from these cookbooks, is Cajun Chicken Fettuccine. My mom makes it fairly often and it is quick and easy. I don't actually have a recipe that I follow, I kind of make it up as I go along, but I will try my best to write it out for you.
Cajun Chicken Fettuccine

4 to 5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 cups of mushrooms
half an onion
half a bulb of garlic
Cajun seasoning to taste
1 box of fettuccine pasta
couple of tbsp. of butter
2 to 4 tbsp. flour
2 to 3 cups of milk
1 cup of chicken broth
1/3 c. parmesan cheese

1. Warm some olive oil in a deep frying pan and add 3 cloves of crushed garlic and chopped onion.
2. Slice up the chicken and add to the pan, brown it.
3. Wash and slice the mushrooms, add to pan while chicken finishes cooking, sprinkle everything with desired amount of Cajun seasoning.
4. Put pot of water on to boil for your pasta.
5. When chicken is cooked, remove to bowl and set aside.
6. Cook pasta
7. Add butter to pan, melt (I always add a couple more cloves of crushed garlic here) and then add flour to make roux. Add milk and chicken broth, bit by bit to roux, whisking it in as you go to thicken sauce. Cook until desired consistency.
8. At this point you can add more Cajun seasoning if you like, and then put the chicken and mushrooms back in the sauce to warm. Add Parmesan cheese and stir til melted through.
9. Add sauce to drained pasta and mix through. Serve with salad for a complete meal.
This is delicious and quick and all my kids eat it!

My recipe amounts are all approximations, if you have any questions, please email me. mightymorphinmama [at] gmail [dot] com


Dana said...

"Cookbooks for the Rushed"

That sounds like a book I need. :)

Thank you for the recipe. I think my children would like to try that one.

Andrea said...

Mmmm... Your recipe sounds yummy. I'm going to try it soon! Thanks for the cookbook recommendations too.


lahbluebonnet said...

The recipe sounds luscious! lol The cookbooks sound just like the types I like. I like gourmet cooking, but I'm more into quick cook, like Martha Stewart used to feature on her show. I don't know if she still does or not! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope some of those books will be helpful to you! ;)

Sharla said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am going to give it a sounds like something we would enjoy.