Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mid semester check in.

Today, for the last hour, I have been hiding in my room instead of teaching school. I do need to go back down and do some math and writing with my littles, they totally deserve my attention, but I needed a break.
My twelve year old just refuses to cooperate at all and hasn't cooperated all year. I have about had all I can take and I sent him to his room. We have some ideas and I won't give up on him, but I am tired of the constant and stubborn refusal to do as he is told and the attitudes.
My 14 year old has made a big turn around this year. He is doing a great job of getting down to work in the mornings and cranking it out. Thank goodness. We have wee spots of trouble, bits of attitude, work I assumed was done but is not. Nothing too big and glaring though.
The 12 year old's attitude is unfortunately catchy. My 5 year old, an extremely eager learner, balks every time I ask anything of him. I get 'no's' and 'why do I have to do that's' and moaning and groaning and throwing one's self on the ground in tantrum if I ask the simplest thing of him. But then he turns around and begs me to do school with him.
Girly is eager to 'do school' as well, and she is pretty easy to get along with. Some whining and such, but mostly easy.
I am still finding it difficult to balance the attention my 12 year old seems to need and everyone else's needs. Especially when it comes to taking time for lessons with my littles. We are still a work in progress. sigh.

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