Thursday, November 08, 2007

Help me please.

I can not begin to explain my frustration to you. The boys were ready to start school at 9 and they sat at the table with their math. It is 11:15 and they are still sitting there and are not finished. They have tortured their younger siblings, used the bathroom repeatedly, fought with each other, stared into space, thrown things at each other, made annoying noises, sang, rolled their eyes, stomped their feet, knocked their chairs over, thrown more things, but they have not done their math.
B at least pretends to do his math. R outright mocks me. I stayed calm for over an hour. I asked R to read his questions aloud to me so I could make sure he was doing them. He sputtered and argued and outright mocked me. He does not do it. I repeat myself every few minutes, "Read me each question and your answer." He gives me dirty looks, stares me down, laughs, mocks. He does not do his math.
He had a page of multiplication drills, no big deal. Very easy. He refuses to do them. He is now rapping. and interspersed with the rapping is humming the macarena. I just screamed at him to just do his work. and I told him no taekwondo today. and I called their father and asked him to come home today and discipline his sons. (his? oops I mean ours. grr.) Their father is sleeping for nightshift, I am sure he did not appreciate my call at 11:15 am. But I am at the end of my rope.
Can anyone give me any ideas? This behavior is not okay, and I am a pretty good disciplinarian usually. I don't make idle threats, I follow through with discipline when it is needed. I do not allow this sort of behavior.
What is happening here? I am seriously gonna lose my mind. I don't know if I can deal with him anymore today without screeching. I hate that.
I just keep repeating myself. Read each question aloud to me. NOW.


Jane said...

My advice would be to pack the books away and go out and do something else.....just get a change of scene and get some air and burn up some energy - all of you...rake leaves etc but don't make it a big deal...come back to it when you are all in a better frame of mind....

or just lock yourself in your bedroom with halloween candy and stress-eat ;)

Sniz said...

Oh, Kristen, how did I miss this post? I feel for you so much. I've been there countless times. When things get like that, it never goes on very long because there IS a confrontation which usually ends up with me yelling and/or crying and hiding in my room and sending the 13 yo to his room and calling Daddy from the bathroom (making sure the door is locked) while my 2 daughters just sit at the school table quietly. Who knows what they do? I am freaking out here, and their brother is losing it and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. It's times like that I believe he would be better off being taught by someone, anyone, even the druggie you had for a highschool writing teacher.

Kristen said...

Thank you guys, I so appreciate the support and the understanding. Isnt' it amazing how cathartic to know that you are not alone in your trials?
and I took your advice Jane, that halloween candy was yummy;)