Thursday, November 08, 2007


I must have spent hours yesterday downloading and unzipping those children's recordings. Why could there not have been a nice torrent file available? There is a link on that page to another page that has old Disney recordings among many others and they are available in a torrent file that I will download as soon as I get some file sharing again.
My kids really enjoyed listening to stories all day as they avoided their schoolwork like the plague.
I decided that since they wasted Monday and Tuesday supposedly working on their novels all day, but not actually writing, that I was going to keep doing their regular school with them and let them write when they were done.
They are both behind in their word counts now. B is perfectly capable of reaching his and catching up by spending a few extra minutes here and there. But I am afraid of R, my reluctant writer who is 10, feeling overwhelmed and just giving up or being frustrated. It is really important to me that they have fun with the novel writing, I want writing to be enjoyable for them. I know that school took the fun out of writing for me. Especially the crappy high school English teachers I had, who taught us absolutely nothing. NOT A THING. The teacher I had for grades 9 and 10 was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, and came to class only very sporadically. His substitute let us watch videos most of the time. Often women's weight-lifting competitions. weird.
In grades 11 and 12 I had the drug-dealing, stoner teacher. I am not exaggerating in the least, he actually sold pot to students. He did not know any of the 20 students names, unless they partied with him. All we did was read aloud in his class and we had 3 essays to write which he randomly assigned a grade to, based on if he could put a face to your name or not. After handing in my second essay and receiving a C ( a mark I had never seen on a paper of mine before!) I refused to hand in anything else. I didn't think it was worth my time to let him grade my work. At the end of the school year he had us come to his desk and tell him what grade we deserved, so I said a B. I had never received lower than an A in English, but I figured with a C on my paper that wasn't gonna happen. He gave me a B, the lowest percentage B.
When I wrote my departmental exams I received honors and scholarship qualification, thanks to the excellent elementary school teaching I had received. Nothing on the exams had been taught to me in all of my high school career. but the basics were all there in the back of my head I guess.
anyways, after my experience in high school I decided I hated writing. And I do not want that for my kids. They have amazing imaginations and I want them to be able to express those thoughts on paper.
So I decided for R, I will spend at least one day a week as his scribe for his novel. I will let him just tell me the story and I will do the typing and help get his word count up. So that is how I will spend my afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Some ideas for you: 1) seperate them (they are having too much fun together and "learning" in a bad way from each other). 2) your tae kwon do idea is a good one take away their "currency" what is REALLY important to them electronics? tv time? what ever that is it gets taken away for the amount of time it takes them to get their work done. 3)motivation -- with boys if one of them "finishes first" they get "something special" electronic time?

We were having the same issues in our house so we "took everything away" and instead of it being "a right" (how did that happen?) they now "earn" it by doing their chores, their school work etc. The more you do the more you earn. Reminders to do things is not "earning" and it's not deducting either because they haven't earned it yet.

Lastly, what's happening is they are challenging your authority, they want to see what you are going to Dad, scream, what ever it is they want to see if they can live with that. And if they can...they'll continue to do it. But if it's something they can't live with they'll stop doing it.

Ok just my loonies worth -- been there done that....will probably have to do it again. ha ha. Good luck....oh and I loved the break with the treat THAT was a good idea!! :pro D/

Kristen said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, I appreciate all the ideas and your insight.