Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Science Website

World Wildlife fund has a neat educators site.
wwf dot ca slash school
"WWF-Canada is proud to offer Schools for a Living Planet, an educational program that provides educators with access to over 30 curriculum-linked, printable in-class activities for grades 3 to 8. Each grade’s unit has a unique environmental theme with material carefully designed to meet curriculum expectations in English, Social Studies, and Science."
This is Canadian and ment to meet Provincial standards in Alberta, BC, Ontario and all 3 Territories.
Subject areas are Grade 3: Forests Alive; Grade 4: Exploring Habitats; Grade 5: Mackenzie Valley; Grade 6: Diversity of Life; Grade 7: Marine Protected Areas; Grade 8: Water

Example of lesson outline:
The Water Unit Includes
One Reading Passage
Five In- class Activities
• Activity 1: Salt Water vs. Fresh Water
• Activity 2: Living With Water: Polar Bears
• Activity 3: Mapping Our Water
• Activity 4: Case Study: Drought
• Activity 5: What You Learned
Wild Ideas – Supplemental Projects
Curriculum Links

There is also a kids site that is very similar to the main site, I haven't had a chance to explore it much.

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