Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Science Centre Homeschool Day

Our first homeschool day at the Space and Science centre! So exciting:) I haven't signed up for many homeschooly things since we have lived here, we have a pretty busy schedule of outside activities as it is. And with Daddy's often extremely busy work schedule, we like to spend whatever free-time we have with him. And I am not that connected in the homeschool community here. anywaysss...
I did it. I signed the kids up for some classes, even my almost 4 year old! We love the science centre and go quite often, and I think this is a great opportunity to see science in action in a way that is difficult at home. And a very awesome bonus is the likelihood of meeting some other home-educating families in the area. I did see a few familiar faces there, and the kids had a blast in their classes, even if they are little know-it-alls. We asked them what they learned and were informed that they knew all that stuff already. hmmm. well.
They did think the new Star Wars Lego display was pretty cool! And the Robot wandering around, and the lightning-in-a-box. One thing I appreciated is that there were lots of staff on hand and all the displays were operational. Often when we go during the week, it is really quiet and certain things are not up and running.
Everyone here is sick with a cold, but we are managing to keep up with most of our bookwork. I do need to catch up with our marking though.
Off to drive the big kid to Bible study, Mom's taxi is never idle:)


Jane said...

We took the classes at TWOS last year and it was fun! It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many homeschoolers as well. We go there a lot - its especially good during winter as the children can spend hours passing time there with the water tables and computers and everything else :)

Sniz said...

Have you always lived in Canada? You say you're new to the area. What is the science center like? A museum? Thanks for your post on my homeschooling blog. I get frustrated when people just tell me that even though I yell and am lazy with school sometimes, that I am a great homeschool teacher, etc, and not to get down on myself. I always think, "How do they know?" I think for me homeschooling is a preventative measure, although I do see "sunny moments" like you said. I'm so glad you're seeing some fruit this year. We need that so badly!!!