Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horrid Prose is my goal.

Finally doing our first 2 science tests today. We did the reading so long ago that I let them do the tests 'open book'. We just have Rosetta Stone French left to do today. I have to load the program onto their new computers for them I guess.
I need to spend some time prepping for my novel writing, I don't even have characters yet. My main character will be a Mom, like me. Write what you know is the phrase that keeps coming to mind, so I guess I will. I really have no idea for my plot yet, I love mystery stories, but nothing is coming to mind yet. I hope to get some rough planning drawn out, research done, but I have a feeling I will be mostly winging it. The point really is to get a really terrible rough draft finished, just get the words hammered out and see where that takes you. Quantity over quality at this point, and I have to say that may be the only way I ever do this. I am such a perfectionist that my creativity is often snuffed out by my need to have everything just so. I want an awesome rough draft that requires little editing. Well that is never gonna happen. Evah!
My fingers are itching to get started on this, to get dirty and make mistakes as the esteemed Miss Frizzle likes to say. What freedom!


Sniz said...

You go, girl! I have been working on 3 novels for three years and have never finished one. I just keep fiddling with what I have. I'll write a few thousand words, then go back and edit and fiddle and edit and fiddle, trying to get it perfect. It seems so impossible to allow myself to write a flawed rough draft, but like you said, that's the only way it will get FINISHED. I hope you blog about the feeling you have when it's done!

Michelle Gregory said...

I saw your comment at Julie's Brave Writer blog and thought I'd come for a short visit. I look forward to perusing your blog later.

Thanks for the comment about NaNo and I'm so excited for you and your kids as you join the writing frenzy next month.

Best wishes,