Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Avoidance tactics

So I am avoiding my work today by uploading my CD collection to itunes and creating a spreadsheet to catalogue my Cd's before I store them.
R. is avoiding actually completing his math at all costs. He started talking to me about Pokemon, so I told him that when he is done his math assignment, he could create a spreadsheet about Pokemon. He thought that was cool, so I am excited to teach him how. I love the methodicalness of spreadsheets and lists! I am a geek, I know.
B did his math and spelling and is now playing castle Playmobil with J. I don't mind, as B is keeping J occupied and busy and teaching him how to play make believe and all about knights and castles.
Braeden seems to have matured a bit this year, I think that I am going to be able to just give him a daily schedule, checklist, and let him get to work. Time to get to work on the scheduling.

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