Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2

Friday was more of the same but I did some math evaluation exams with the boys to see if we could skip to the next math level. We won't be skipping:) Which means that I need to order a new curriculum for R AND B now, unfortunately for my wallet. I was hoping R would be able to jump ahead because I have the next years curriculum that my friend gave me. For now I am printing off the Jump Math introductory fractions unit for him.

I will be ordering Teaching Textbooks 7 and Algebra 1 as well as the corresponding Life of Fred books as a fun add-on.

B will be working on his pond experiment today and starting his Modern Classics online Socratic Dialogue class. I am a bit geeked up over his reading list, some of my faves and books I want to read.

Both boys are continuing with their Writing Strands assignments and I am hoping to start The Latin Road to English Grammar again this week and Rosetta Stone French next month.

Some of my plans have been thwarted by missing books. J read Flat Stanley and then proceeded to lose it. I read the economics book I want the boys to read, left in on the couch and it went missing in the clean up. ugh. Apparently I need to clean up the family room. Again. For the third time this summer I need to declutter it after my kids have been cleaning it. They seem incapable of putting things away properly, they just keep stuffing everthing in and under stuff. So frustrating.

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