Thursday, September 10, 2009


I realized today that I am not getting an opportunity to work with my littles. Between refereeing and guiding my older 2 and dealing with baby and home, I am not finding many teaching moments with A & J. I am going to have to schedule myself a bit more strictly I think, rather than going with the flow. ugh.
My goal is to start Flat Stanley with them this week and next week I want to add in reading, handwriting, and math games/activities. I also want to start taking dictation from them of their stories, and maybe have J do some dictation/copywork as his printing skills improve. As for science, nature study and appreciation will comprise the most of our work, I will add in fun experiments as we go along as well as lots of good books to read. Oh, I should go to the library and find Magic School bus videos, the kids love the books, though I find them painful to read. (I yawn so much while reading aloud and they are kinda long(-: )
After we read Flat Stanley, I will have them make their own Flat Stanley to send on an adventure by mail. I am hoping that our Stanley will fly to many places (maybe some of my blog friend's homes!) And the kids and I will map his journey's and hopefully find out a little about the places that he travels to.

Today was one of those days with R, it is 3:40pm and he has just finished his puny amount of school work and has not done his chore for the day (dishes). I have had to get after him numerous times today and he will not stay on track. Sigh. I am trying to stay positive and to keep my discipline positive, but I can tell you that my patience has really been tried today.

So the boys did their art, we watched the second segment of the video, B worked on a silhouette and R was editing his practice drawings in Draw Today. They worked on Day 3 of their Writing Strands assignments, B put together his pond experiment and R finished reading module 5 in Exploring Creation with General Science. I need to pick up printer ink tonight to print out his review and the fractions review I have for him. R also did spelling.
We will do our Bible reading tonight at supper as J was at a friend's all day, and I am about to put in the CD for bible memorization, A New Commandment.

I am praying for the key to unlocking R's motivation and love of learning. Pray for patience for me, please!

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