Friday, January 04, 2008

To begin again

I am totally stressing about starting school again next week. I thought I would have all this planning and organizing time in December and I really had none. The weekend rush of sports and church is about to begin and I am completely unprepared for next week. All of our schedules are completely messed up and I know it is going to be a hard couple of weeks organizing and getting us all back on track.
Anyone have any tips?


Anonymous said...

When I feel like that I pull out my "one thing" philosophy. I just pick one thing that I will do that first day (I don't worry about the rest). I find just having to organize "one thing" (I can do that, I can find the time to do just that). And when we do "one thing" it usually leads to the next thing (but if it doesn't that's ok too). Then the next day I add "one more thing". This also helps me in setting priorities and evalutating what is REALLY important to get done and what can wait (or sometimes as it turns out wasn't important at all). I especially find it hard getting back to it after a long break so this philosophy helps me "get going again". Hope this helps.

Sniz said...

Well girl, I hit on something that worked this time last year (after 3 1/2 years of homeschooling). I have no idea if it would work for you, and it takes some time to put it together, but once I did, I no longer struggle with that "I'm so overwhelmed, I freeze" feeling. Planning my week requires me to put in about 4 hours on the weekend, but then during the week, I only have grading to do each day (besides teaching, of course). If you're interested, I'll send you more info about what I do, but this comment is already long enough as it is! I feel your pain, sister!

shay said...

I'm totally there. I think I may need to take a couple of days before we start.
We're just going to do the basics this week. Math and reading and some writing ... maybe. ARG I'm stressed too!

Michelle Gregory said...

You're sure not alone on this front. And how are we going to fit writing in for ourselves?