Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hump Day

Woo hoo!!!
We put in a full day of edumicatin' today! Math, geography, journal/blogging, writing, handwriting, French, and even a science experiment/lab!! Woopidee doda! So very excited!
Both kids did all their school, and their chores and are now being rewarded with computer time-Star Wars Battlefront is their poison of choice today.
I will admit to being quite frustrated by 10 am and doing a bit of voice-raising, but it did get better.
I had all the kids up before 8, done breakfast and clean-up and dressed by 8:35. It was a great day, I am feeling encouraged finally. Especially because I am planning and putting this all together. Not using a pre-planned out curriculum. I am pulling from different resources I have collected and facilitating their learning! I had planned, and probably still will, buy a computer based curriculum, especially for math and language arts-plus a bunch of awesome books for the kids on Canadian history, both fiction and non-fiction. But it feels really great to be doing it on my own, and succeeding at it. So proud that they are actually getting down to accomplishing their tasks, and even seeming to enjoy it.

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