Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First day

Yay! I am so happy with the way our morning went. I started the boys off with a Canadian geography worksheet which they completed quickly while I did some photocopying. We then did a report writing lesson and started our note taking for a little report on chewing gum.
We also started our Science and then did a math lesson. I found Ryley a Batman math workbook at Costco, it actually looks pretty good and he was really excited to start it. I thought it would be good review for him and maybe I will only do more in-depth study of the areas he is struggling with. He has a really good math brain and finds the repetition of our Saxon math excruciating.
This afternoon I am gonna take them to the playground and then we have taekwondo. We missed the 'not back to school' picnic, but I think we had a pretty nice day regardless.

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