Friday, September 14, 2012

1st Day

I am filled with the joy and optimism promised by the first day of school. I realize that there is always a honeymoon period, and for us it is sometimes only a day. But it was a lovely day.

Our newly 15 year old started high school today. He has left our home school and headed off to a local protestant school. I must have been more fraught and anxious than I was conscience of. I could not sleep last night and early this morning I was having the most vivid dream of giant fireballs rolling down our street, the city in flames and trying to get our family out of the house to safety. In my dream, as in real life, I hadn't clean clothes for half the family, so I couldn't pack us a quick bag to take. The baby was messy and in a sleeper, my daughter hadn't had her hair brushed and I didn't have time for a shower. I was racing around trying to gather our photographs while my husband stood chatting with his mom and aunt and I could feel the heat of the flames inside the house.

Maybe I was  bit stressed!

In trying to get those tasks accomplished in my dream, I ended up sleeping in and so did the boys. I had to quickly dress, wake Superboy and we got out of the door in 10 minutes and to school in time. Phew! He had a good, if boring, first day and then football practice. I am very optimistic about his year and success, and looking forward to just being Mom to him for a while.

As for our home school, we had a fabulous day of learning new routines and habits. I want a year of productivity and less stress, and I want us to be active and enjoy our time together.

We started our day with breakfast, then I had the kids all get dressed, brush their teeth and make their beds. We sat together and read some of Luke together and then worked on our memory work of Exodus 20:1-27 (The 10 Commandments).
I gave Braeden some forms to kind of guide his own Bible exploration and seeking of God's voice in his life.

After our devotional time, I had the middles unload the dishwasher and I tidied the kitchen, wiped and started to vacuum. The kids started to bicker a bit, so I sent them out to run laps in the yard while I finished vacuuming. Then I joined them, ran my laps and we did a very few minutes of calisthenics. Then their brains were full of oxygen and we were ready for math.

I set the timer for 30 minutes and we began. We did skip counting and times tables aloud. 1's and 2's. I gave Girly her lesson instructions and her and Judah worked independently while I set Sunshine and Zed up with some fish crackers. We counted to 10 together and I let them eat.

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