Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2

Awesome second day and much faster. The teens were both finished around lunch and the littles were soon after. I went over most of the bigger boys work while the littles had their morning break and then Dad went over math when he came home. We made the decision for our eldest to go back and review for the next month or two, before moving on to advanced Algebra and Trig. I have not been really great at keeping up with marking and keeping him accountable, and he has not wanted us to think he isn't brilliant and therefore he has some learning gaps. We had already made the decision to do that with the 13 year old and I think it will be great.
So thankful for my husbands involvement and interest. We need him to keep us accountable, be our backstop and our principle and it has been a role that time and circumstance have made him reluctant to take on. But he is willing now, and it is just in time.

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