Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are easing back into a schedule this week.
For the preschooler/kindergartner
First we pu together our magnetic calendar for January.
A, J and I are sitting together at the table with slates and chalk. We took out the capitol letter cards and made some with our shapes and now they are playing. A also did the F page in HER exercise book. J practiced writing numbers while A and I read a number book.
Her and I also went over the short vowel sounds for a, e, i & o; she doesn't seem to have retained much so far, but repetition is the key. It is good for J to hear the sounds as well, even though he is reading quite well.
For some social studies we read O Canada, our National Anthem together. It has beautiful photos to go with the words and then short history/bio of the anthem and its writers.
For science we listened to Jonathon Park and I will go through the lesson with Ry later and they will listen.

R & B are doing math, writing strands, handwriting. B started his Biology program this week, it is his high school class. He is also doing Logic and Greek & Latin roots/vocab. R is doing spelling workout. B is done for the day and R is barely started. ugh. It's 3pm! He just put in some earphones and seems to be getting down to it finally.

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