Monday, October 20, 2008

Things are going alright. This week is off to a much better start than last one ended. I was getting tired of the all day dawdle that R is famous for. Today we all 5 sat down at the table with E watching from a baby chair. I gave B(13) and R(11) a handwriting lesson and this interested J(4) and A(3). While the bigger boys moved on to Writing Strands, J taught A and I some prehandwriting skills. We took out the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) shapes, J lead us in some exercises from my teacher's manual. He was showing off his reading skills. Then instead of letting mom do a lesson with him, he sat and followed the instructions in my book and wrote out the entire uppercase alphabet. A did a bunch of A's and doodling on her own.
I then pulled out some counting/number writing sheets I had downloaded and J did those. When he was done, he still wanted to do more writing so we did the b pages in Get Ready for the Code book A. This introduces the letter sounds, letter recognition, printing etc. He loves to do those worksheets, I think he did 10 or 12 pages.
The big boys did their math and were done by noon.
Instead of moving on to Social Studies and Science, we went to the rec centre this afternoon. The big guys went swimming and I took the little people to the indoor playground. Thankfully there were lots of kids to keep them occupied. It was a really nice day, no fighting, no frustration. We need to have many more days like that!

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shay said...

Awesome! just awesome to hear!

I think I should get Amelia some of those workbooks. she is hungry for stuff to do. I've started the Blue Learning LA with Literature with her but she needs some more too.
Thansk for the idea.