Friday, March 28, 2008

Apparently my boys LOVE poetry. Love! I gave them an assignment to pick out a poem to memorize and present next Thursday. Last night they kept running into my room to tell me about the poems they were picking. At one point, R. had 3 poems pretty much memorized already and kept coming to tell me them.
Not only do they love to read poems, they love to write them. Their journals for the last few weeks have been full of poetry. It is kind of funny because I have never formally taught them poetry. When they show an interest in a type of poetry I will explain it. Like on St Patty's I told them the rhyme scheme of Limericks. They have done a ton of Haiku, but for the most part they do free verse and couplets. And they are happy as clams. I need to keep out of it for them to love it, it seems.

Today's freewrite topic was to describe a ride in an airplane. My bloodthirsty boys both decided to write about plane crashes instead. They are quite into that idea! I am interested to see how much mayhem they can create in one story.

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