Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting it off my chest

Things have not been going so smoothly lately, the kids have once again become experts at procrastination and driving their mother batty. I just don't know how to handle their constantly sneaking off and their constant chatter and bickering. One morning I found myself sitting by them, repeating over and over, "Be quiet. Be quiet. I said be quiet. Stop fighting. I mean it. Be quiet. Stop talking. Stop talking. shut your mouths. please. Be quiet. SHUT UP!" I so wish I was kidding. They seriously sat for hours just chattering, bugging their siblings and accomplishing absolutely nothing. Even when I separated them it wasn't any better.
These are intelligent kids who are 10 and 13. You would think that they would figure out that if they just finish their assignments then they get to move on and do something else. Something fun maybe! And mommy won't yell. And they could do something else! Apparently that reasoning is beyond them.
Not entirely beyond them though. Today, R (10), is determined to finish his weeks worth of work, so 3 days worth in one day. Daddy told him that if he did that he could rent a video game. He got up at like 7 and did 3 French lessons and has now finished 3 math and 3 handwriting assignments. Yeah baby!
His older brother has yet to show his face. He is awake, but is still hiding in the bathroom. He has been giving me some major attitude lately. Last week he was p.o.'ed all day because I dared to give him a writing assignment. He figured he should just be able to write about whatever he wanted. (Which they often do) Another afternoon he was mad because I asked him to do a good copy of his report. How dare I? Obviously I don't ask for good copies near often enough. And actually I had required the good copy be finished the week before and had asked for it every day since and he was dragging his feet. So I wouldn't let him out of his chair util it was done. I am so mean.
Between them they missed 3 or 4 taekwondo classes last week because they were not finished their assignments by the time we needed to leave. I decided that there would be no more extra-curriculars until they started getting their school done. I am sick of waiting all day for a small amount of work to be done. It is ridiculous.
I am sure that being pregnant is not helping my attitude any, I think I have far less patience. I hate that. And I don't want school to mean fighting and yelling. I want them to love learning, which they do. They just don't want me to expect them to actually do anything. Which is not acceptable.


Sniz said...

You said it'd think they'd figure out that if they just got their stuff done, they'd have more time for fun and mommy wouldn't yell! Yet that reasoning is beyond them.
I struggle with patience too.

Jane said...

Maybe its the time of year too? All the adults I know right now are in a funk - lacking motivation, tired, irritable...procrastinatiing...

I think its February in Alberta lol. Maybe have an early summer vacation from school? and do a little extra in the summer?

My older three children are in school, and I have one homeschooling right now but have homeschooled them all in the past. There would be months where nothing seemed to get done and I was irritable and the children were cranky and squabbling all the time and not getting anything done.

I think though that the amount homeschooled kids get done during the 'good times' more than makes up for those weeks when nothing seems to get done.

Sometimes its better to give in and do some fun stuff for a week or two and then try again.

Eagles' Wings said...

I hear you loud and clear. I have those kind of days too. Frequently too.

When my 11+ boy drags his feet, takes time in the toilet and blah blah. All the tricks under the sun! It drives me up the wall.

I lay my hands and pray for them. Bless them with diligence, obedience, etc.

He WANTS to be diligent and all but his flesh is weak.

So, don't give up. Press on, continue the discipline, God sees the effort and so does your children (even if they don't really follow it). Ask God for strength and He will see you through.

Happy Homeschooling.


katydidnot said...

why don't they understand? oy.